All items purchased from LOUBIENTOT.COM can be returned. If you would like to exercise your right to return goods, please ensure the following:

  • Items must be returned within 14 days of delivery.
  • All return items must be unworn, unwashed and in perfect condition.
  • Labels must not be removed.
  • Returns must be made in one shipment. Therefore, if several items are to be returned, these must be returned to in one single shipment.

Please allow 10 – 14 days from receiving your returns for a full refund of the purchase price. Once we have received your returns, we will send confirmation of the refund by email. The time that it takes for you to receive this refund depends on each individual credit card provider. However this normally takes place within two credit card statements.

If the recipient indicated in the order is not the purchaser of the goods, the debit amount is always reimbursed to the purchaser and the card and/or account holder.

Please note that we can only accept returns from the corresponding delivery country. For example, if the delivery was sent to Germany, the returns can only be sent from Germany. Please also note that shipping costs for returns will not be reimbursed.

Further information about returns can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

For more information or if you have further questions, please contact us.