Palazzo Trousers

The first women’s trousers were designed in the 50s in the 20th century by  Amelia Bloomer. She just envied men’s comfort. Over the years, women has wore trousers in many varieties – from very wide to vert slim. Today because of this rich history we can choose from many different models of this piece of clothing. Today we want to talk more about one of the many models, very popular this season palazzo trousers. Mostly associated with Italians fashion, made from thin material with characteristic wide legs. Comfortable loose-fitting trousers help to hide our imperfections and makes your outfit more interesting.

But how to choose the right model for your own figure? Palazzo pants can perfectly enchant but be careful and follow couples of rules.
This model looks better on tall girls, so if you are not consider your self as tall, but you still want to wear them, pleas pair this trousers with pair of high heels or with wedges. This simple trick will give you a little bit of extra centimetre a special when trousers will cover the shoes.
It can also ad a little bit more volume in hips area, that’s why Women in a pear shape should avoid the tabs and pockets. In addition to the cut very important is also the color and patterns on the trousers. If you are looking for a slim silhouette, you should choose wide dark tones with vertical patterns.
Palazzo will be perfect for silhouettes with smaller hips. it will optically enlarge the hips.

If you are Palazzo fans we have something for you. Take a look at our outfit  propositions! Palazzo Trousers you can find here.

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