About us

Lou Bientôt is the place where the clothes are expression of the lifestyle. All collections are based on classic lines. We can talk for hours about the new dimension of timeless minimalism and good quality, but let’s be honest; you can find similar designs in many different shops, sometimes even cheaper! At the end of the day it’s just a piece of clothing. So what distinguishes us from other brands?

Lou Bientôt wants to be a part of the conscious fashion movement. We want to make sustainable good-quality fashion. We have a passion for fashion but also for our planet and how we affect the world around us. Consciousness in the fashion-making process is the core of our business. We know for each piece of clothing who made it and where it was made.. We have personally visited producers of clothing that we are offering. We can honestly say that our items were made in Europe, and we are also sure that people who made those clothes for you were treated with respect and had fair wages and good working conditions. Sustainable fashion is also a long-term way of looking at style for seasons to come. To always be ahead of trends we are creating short capsule collections.

Lou Bientôt is presenting carefully selected models, as a response to fast changing trends. We want you to know that your choices matter! It’s up to you, how you want to be involved in the mission of creating a sustainable fashion future. Don’t forget that how you act in your everyday life matters!